Anna Leijel

Born 1714-09-12. Died 1753-02-18 in Stockholm.
Mariied Lorens Jacob Adlerstedt, born 1699-08-14, died 1756-11-25.

Anna Leijel engraving Enqvist


Anna Leijel engraving by J Snack

Engraving by K. Bergqvist 1754 , 24,5x17,9 cm

Text on engraving:
  Engraving by J. Snack, 8,7x8,7 cm
Source reference: Snack, Johan, Anna Leijel
Kungliga Biblioteket, KoB Sv.P. 1

Merces ALIA erit
There will be another reward

Nobilis: ac Generosa Domina ANNA LEIJEL
The noble and well-born lady, Anna Leijel

ANNA, sui sexus prograndis gloria LEJJEL.
Hac tulit ora olim pulera, pudica, pia.
Anna, the immense glory of her sex, Leijel.
This woman once displayed a beautiful, modest, devout face.




Berquist Carl Erik:
Born 1711 13/11 in Helgesta sn (Söd.), died in 1781 3/12 in
Stockholm. (Jacob).
Engraver. Son of minister John B. and Christina Bergander.
Pupil of his cousin Erik Geringius in Uppsala. Engraver at the
Academy of Sciences in 1739 6/6-1778 30/7.
Where 1743-55 resides on Plongsta in Vansö sn (Söd.)
returned latter years to Stockholm.
Came by marriage 1757 in possession of the farm Husby
in above. parish.


Johan Snack:
Graphic artist, born in Stockholm in 1756, died there in 1787.
He studied Per Floding and at the Art Academy.
He stuck in copper numerous expressive portraits,
Christian Esbjörn Reuterholm and Carl Linnaeus,
pictures from Stockholm, and book illustrations.