Älvkarleby kyrka - painting


On the chancel north wall hangs a painting depicting Jesus on the road to Calvary with his cross. The painting is painted in oil on wood and signed B 1563 Febr. 18, which means that it is the work of the Dutch Renaissance master Joachim Bueckelaer from 1563.

Cross-carrier is recessed in a swarm of people, in the foreground market people with their baskets.

The painting assumed to have come to Sweden as war booty during the 30-year war and first belonged to Queen Christina's collection of paintings. Since it appears to have been in the family Leijels possession.

When it was donated to Älvkarleby church by members of this family, was fitted on a pedestal and crowned by epitafiekaraktär. This is done in Baroque style and is said to originate from the 1700s first year. Epitaph hugfäster memory of David Leijel Sr. (d 1676) and his wife Catharina Honnon (d 1670). David Leijel was the one of Älvkarleö mill founder and rests along with his wife in the chapels floor.

Flerängs Mansion

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Nygård in Älvkarleö

nygaard utsikt1 utsikt2


Söderfors mansion

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Coat of Arms

The number of the nobility: 1531, 1532 and 1533
1531 3 1532 3  1533 3

Big Coat-of-Arms in the church is nobility 1532.
1532 vapen kyrka


Harnäs mill

Harnas bruk

“Bruksgatan” in 1930 had essentially the same appearance as in the reconstruction
after Russian ravaging in 1719. The mill was in operation until 1911.


Älvkarleö mill

Alvkarleo bruk

”Bruksgatan” with blacksmith houses. The mill was built in the mid 1600s.
A blacksmith house is preserved, dating from the 1700s.