Some notes about the family Leijel at Älvkarleby works


Interesting notes about the Leijel family including a legal process.


Swedish biographical dictionary XXII

A lexicon with some information about a presumtive early relative and facts about Leijel's.

Nobility letters

Nobility letters

Bailie of Aberbrothock, 5 Oct 1635


Funeral sermon Gertrud Leijel 1674



Ancient Hunting Sinclair TartanClanSinclair
Clan Sinclair tartan

Will of Adam Leijel (1699-1744)


Probate evaluation of Adam Leijel (1699-1744) married to Hedvig Lucia Lohe

Probate evaluation

Nobilissimi Viri Adami Lyel

Adam Leyel has written about Mats Israelsson who fell in Falu copper mine and was later found petrified. 
Used Google to translate from Latin. Unfortunately very unintelligible text, but here and there one can deduce something meaningful. Document language order is Latin, Swedish and English.

Swedish Nobility by Gabriel Anrep


Klercker-Mattons genealogical collection

Archives Department: Royal library

Manuscripts from Hülpers genealogies

Anna Elisab. Leijel - Heijke vol 6 sida 121
I have searched the documents containing Leijell eller Leijel.
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Letter of lineage

Brothers Leijell's birth letter from 1655 in original and English translation.

Cultural and biographical notes. Part 3

Compilation about the Leijel family
Author: Oscar Fredrik Strokirk (1860-1902)