Adam Leijel (1623-1686)

Adam Leyel was a London based merchant who became a member of the Eastland Company in 1666. He was the brother of James, David and Henry Leijel, the Scottish brothers who were important factory owners and iron exporters based in Sweden. This coincides with Leos Müller's notes that in 1670, the largest importer of goods into Sweden was Adam Leyel. His total imports accounted for 29,558 daler s.m., which equated to 6.09% of the total imports that year. Adam was also noted as a business associate in particular of his brother Henry.

He was involved in a few legal cases, the first in 1656 against George Ross. In 1661 he raised a case against Major Malius (Malcolm/Melkior) Hamilton. In 1670 Adam and his brother David and others raised a case against Alexander Wadell.

Although he was in Stockholm in 1646 he did not become a citizen of the town until 1670 when he took his oath on 29 October.

Adam was married to Helen, daughter of Adam Radou, who was his brother James' brother-in-law. He is possibly the same man who bought a site in Stockholm for 2900 daler in 1681. Adam was buried in Maria Kyrka in Stockholm on 12 May 1686.

Daughters of Adam:
Eva married bank commissar Lars Nyman in 1682.
Magdalena married Jacob von Schoting in 1688, and had a son Adam von Schoting (1689-1748) who was enobled on 4 Aug 1727 and introduced in Stockholm Riddarshus as Noble Family Nr 1830 in the same year.
Barbro married the Stockholm customs inspector Johan Laurin (1663-1724) in 1691.
Judith married Albrecht Lindkreutz (1674-1744) in 1707. Lindkreutz was ennobled on the 26 June 1719 and introduced in 1720 under the number 1633.
Catharina married Christofer Cuur.


Source: (some facts from the source changed)
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Comment: Swedish to English translation, Mats Eriksson and Peter Leyel