Henrik Leijel (1627-1710)

Henrik Leijel got shares in Ekebyholm estate through claims on Swedish Privy Councillor Bengt Horn. Henrik was a patron at Ekebyholm and the Harnäs ironworks. He was married to Judith Rokes whose father was a merchant in Lübeck.

Son Adam Leijel was Assessor of Mines, councillor of mines and a provincial governor. He was naturalized as a Swedish nobleman in 1717 with his own name, and was introduced in 1719 as number 1531. His wife was Hedvig Lucia Lohe, daughter of industrialist Lohe, whereby Hällefors works and Fjällskäfte manor came into the family's possession.

Henric Lyell the younger, Adam and Hedvig Lyell's son, moved to England, and sold all their property in Sweden in 1781. In England he had inherited some relatives' interests in the English East India Company.
His sister, Hedvig, married Johan Wulfvenstjerna, and another, Anna, married Lars Jacob Adlerstedt. Thus ended the male line of Henry Leijels noble lineage in Sweden.


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